A place full of stories

A place full of stories

The Spengler House dates from the middle of the 19th century. It is located on former city wall grounds, where today's Hospitalstraße meets Mühlgasse.
The master carpenter, local historian and mammoth excavator Gustav Adolf Spengler (1869 - 1961) lived in the house with his family. He also had his carpentry workshop and his legendary museum here.
In late summer 1930, Spengler discovered the skeleton of a steppe mammoth in a gravel pit near Edersleben, excavated it, preserved it in his house and then exhibited it in his museum.

Spengler's pronounced passion for collecting, combined with his craftsmanship, gave the once simple craftsman's house a very idiosyncratic design and furnishings over the course of decades, reflecting the householder's strong historical interest. Mysterious and original to look at, it is full of stories about Spengler and his home town of Sangerhausen.

Since 2001, after extensive renovation, the Spengler House has been open to visitors again as a branch of the Spengler Museum.

Opening hours:
Sunday 13.00 - 17.00
For groups also on weekdays by appointment: