The Spengler-Haus


History and private life: an amazing place

Gustav Adolf Spengler (1869 - 1961) was many things: master carpenter, local historian, mammoth excavator, benefactor - and above all a truly tireless collector! This passion is still evidenced today by the preserved residence, which is located a few minutes' walk from the museum in Hospitalstraße. Spengler's passion for historical objects did not stop at his family's home: a courtyard decorated as if enchanted, the "Millionenzimmer" and time and again found objects and his own handicraft samples bear witness to this. By the way: Some of our children's programmes are also inspired by the historical everyday life in Spengler's house - for example the "Washing Day with the Spengler Family" and the woodcarving course "Apprentice with Master Spengler".