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Photo exhibition

"Flashes": 150 Years of Sangerhausen Grammar School

The photo exhibition was conceived by the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Sangerhausen on the occasion of the school's anniversary. It is supplemented by a publication on the 150-year history of the school.

20 April - 18 July 2021
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Travelling exhibition

Literary landscapes

The travelling exhibition of the working groups of literary societies and memorial sites presents Germany's literary diversity. Themes such as "freedom", "resistance" or "exile" were and are important for the development of literature and are presented through the work and life's work of various authors. In addition, authors from each federal state who have a special connection to their region are presented - for example Einar Schleef from Sangerhausen, who will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his death on 21 July.

21 July to 29 August 2021
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Occupational cosmos of mining

Treasure trove of mining rarities

Mining is an ancient, technically challenging and dangerous profession that fascinates us in a special way. Miners have a distinctive professional language and continue to maintain their traditions and cohesion among themselves even after the end of the great mining era.
In Sangerhausen, miners were abruptly confronted with the closure and demolition of the Thomas Müntzer shaft after the end of the GDR. The mine was far more than just a winding operation: it was a whole cosmos of 250 kilometres of tunnel system and depths of almost one kilometre - and for many miners a second home. With the end of the shaft
an entire occupational field disappeared from the 1990s onwards.

In the end, many miners took things from their working environment in the shaft home with them as a memento. With this exhibition idea, the Spengler Museum gives miners and their families the opportunity to exhibit private mining treasures for a while, to share them with other people in this way and thus to become interested in the mining tradition in Sangerhausen.

The exhibition was created in close cooperation with the Mansfelder Bergarbeiter Sangerhausen e.V. association. The association was founded in 1991 to help the dismissed miners cope with the new social situation and West German bureaucracy. Other tasks of the association are the joint preservation of tradition with events and publications on Sangerhausen's mining history, the annual "Miners' Day of Modernity" and the "Ladehebung" in the western settlement. The educational trail on old mining at the Röhrig shaft in Wettelrode, opened in 1993, is also part of this.

14 January to 11 April 2021
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